• 三豊鶴 -Mitoyotsuru-






    Mitoyotsuru is the last Japanese sake brewery in Mitoyo, which ended operations 20 years ago. It is located at the base of Sonai peninsula in an old Japanese village close to Suda Port which has access to Awashima that is a part of the Setouchi Triennale. Many tourists and art lovers visit this area to see the Cherry Blossoms of Shiude, or the “Missing” Post Office (Hyoryu Yubinkyoku), or the Camphor tree of Shishijima.

    Mitoyotsuru is a place for people to enjoy the regional foods, drinks, arts and other traditional experiences. While there are many resort-typed guesthouses Mitoyotsuru is a place for co-working space and innovation. We hope diverse groups of people can come together here not on new projects, but also to breath in the regional sounds and smells of the culture.



    Our Business


    Event Planning and Operation



    Event Planning focusing on the use of local attractions, cooperating with local people. We carry out all the planning, advertisements etc, for high quality events. We are on site during the execution, so everything goes smoothly.


    Rental space



    You can rent this space for ceremonial functions, events, conferences, corporate training programs, promotions and other similar type events. The facilities include kitchen, stage, audio facilities, tele-communication equipment. It is an awesome traditional place with 128 years of history. (50 seats/ 11 tables/ microphones/ kitchen/ refrigerator)


    Special Accommodation (Release in 2019 Autumn)



    We provide this as the special lodging facility inside the old Japanese sake brewery. We have revived these cultural assets as an experience for our guests. These include “Sake lees bath” using the cauldron, and a “Master brewer bedroom”


    New Business Advisory



    We provide advisory services for your local projects such as new products, souvenirs, and services. Please consult us on what you’d like to do. We can assist your profitability and contributions to the region with flexible ideas by young entrepreneurs.